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Muslim Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC)


The Muslim Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC) was founded to serve the need to counter prejudice, disinformation, attacks, and violence against those who practise faith. It brings together actors from Europe’s Muslim and Jewish communities, who are equally represented on the Council, to address rising Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, as well as advise on policy related to freedom of religion and belief. The MJLC aims to improve relations between European Muslim and Jewish communities and to strengthen their voices when they make common cause to campaign for the rights of minorities to be respected by European policymakers.

As the only intergovernmental organization with a sole mandate to promote interreligious dialogue, KAICIID saw in the MJLC a unique opportunity to fill an important gap in the relations between religious communities in Europe. The Centre has lent it support and capacity building from its first steps in 2015

Through the MJLC, which was officially established as an Austria-based NGO in 2018, Muslim and Jewish leaders work together to build strong communities and safeguard religious freedom and pluralism in Europe.