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What We Do

KAICIID fosters dialogue between people and communities who would not otherwise come into contact, but whose cooperation is essential to building effective, long-term solutions to global challenges. We’ve trained thousands of leaders worldwide to use dialogue to promote religious pluralism, uphold human rights, provide a voice for vulnerable groups, counter hate speech, protect holy sites, foster interfaith education and exchange, and build cohesive, inclusive communities. We’ve also harnessed the power of local platforms, which have the trust and expertise to effect sustainable change. At KAICIID, we use dialogue as both a means and an end: from the conception of strategy to the way we foster collaboration, to the way we work together with our partners to build peaceful, just societies.

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We Convene
We convene religious actors, governmental bodies and dialogue practitioners to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. We build strong partnerships between policymakers, who have the legislative power to shape inclusive policies, and faith leaders, who have an unparalleled ability to reach people in the most challenging corners of the world.  We facilitate interreligious and...
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We Build Capacity
We build capacities of religious actors, policymakers, dialogue practitioners, women and youth. We equip leaders and changemakers with the tools to foster peace in their communities. We teach religious leaders to better understand and contribute to policy frameworks, and promote social inclusion, while simultaneously training policymakers to better engage faith communities through...
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We Work Regionally
We work regionally through local dialogue platforms and networks which bring together diverse religious actors and policymakers in Asia, Africa, the Arab Region and Europe. Our platforms and networks empower and encourage local faith leaders and grassroots dialogue practitioners to address the needs of their communities, promote religious pluralism, stand up for diversity and mediate...