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KAICIID Launches 2nd Edition of "Dialogue Journalism Fellowship" to promote coexistence and spread the culture of dialogue in the media

25 January 2023

The International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) has launched the second edition of the Dialogue Journalism Fellowship Programme (DJF) in the Arab region, targeting a new group of male and female journalists from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds in the region. The Programme’s participants will receive training on dialogue journalism to bolster their abilities to report with the highest level of professionalism on issues of interreligious dialogue, religious relations, identity, and conflict in order to promote pluralism, diversity, peaceful coexistence, ethical standards of journalism, and combat hate speech.

Marking the launch of the 2nd edition, the KAICIID Secretary General, Dr. Zuhair Alharthi said: "Following the first edition of the DJF's tremendous success, I am pleased to announce the launch of the second edition, based on our firm conviction of the vital role that the media and media professionals can play in countering hate speech and fostering a culture of dialogue". Through this program, we at KACIID seek to build a strategic and sustainable partnership with the media in the Arab region and collaborate closely with media professionals to combat violence and hate speech and spread a culture of citizenship that embraces religious and cultural diversity." He added.

As per the DJF's approved schedule, selected candidates will be invited for interviews by late February, The Programme will start online in March 2023, followed by in-person training in April 2023.

"This Programme is one of the main pivots within the Centre's work strategy in the Arab region, which is primarily focused on fostering social cohesion and promoting the values ​​of dialogue and common citizenship through intensified work and building partnerships with religious leaders, policymakers, the youth, and women as game-changers in the region. As is well known, the media can play a leading role in this regard," said Wasim Haddad, Programme Manager in the Arab region.

Application requirements

DJF's admission rules specify that a relevant committee would select 20 to 25 journalists (between the ages of 28 and 40). The applicants must meet the following requirements: work for print, television, radio, or electronic journalism organizations; have at least five years of experience in journalism or other relevant fields; have a professional record in sensitive conflict environments; and be a native of one of the Arab countries.

The group of chosen fellows will attend a one-year training programme that includes online training sessions and three four-day in-person capacity building sessions, training them in the practice of ‘dialogue journalism’ as well as how to implement a practical initiative on media and promoting dialogue.

The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) is an intergovernmental organization, founded by member States, the Republic of Austria, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Holy See as a founding observer. KAICIID is a convenor and facilitator, bringing religious leaders, policymakers and experts to the dialogue table so that they can find common solutions to shared problems. KAICIID’s vision is a world where there is respect, understanding, and cooperation among people, justice, peace and reconciliation, and an end to the abuse of religion to justify oppression, violence, and conflict.


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