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The Dialogue Knowledge Hub is introducing a series of 'How To' webinars, presenting its different resources and online tools. 


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The pilot webinar in the series of 'How To' KAICIID will present How To Search The Peace Map. 

PEACE MAP is an interactive tool for students, researchers, policymakers, practitioners and dialogue experts to locate, learn and understand organizations active in the field of interreligious dialogue (IRD) worldwide. Currently, you can search for organizations engaged in IRD activities with international and national outreach.  To broaden the user’s knowledge about interreligious/interfaith dialogue initiatives and actors around the world, the Peace Map aims to display and analyse the breadth of interreligious dialogue (IRD) activities and the numerous ways practitioners engage in interreligious and intercultural understanding. It also seeks to enhance networking among practitioners of interreligious/interfaith dialogue and to become a platform to present global and national IRD activities. 

KAICIID's colourful Peace Map is a great tool to discover and learn more about different organizations, their histories and activities operating around the world promoting conflict resolution, development, education and upholding human rights.

You can explore the Peace Map in different steps:

  1. you can find organizations by e.g. name, location, or keyword, via the interactive map, the timeline or the search function
  2. display your search results in the map or view your selection in a list that appears over the map
  3. export the information in an Excel spreadsheet

The upcoming webinar shall demonstrate searching through the Peace Map and making the most out of its interactive features. Find out how to look for organizations by the type of activities they are engaged in. Through the unique sections Areas of Action and Forms of Action, the user can discover how diverse the work in the field of interreligious dialogue is.


Prof. Patrice Brodeur
Prof. Patrice Brodeur

Patrice Brodeur is the Senior Advisor Knowledge at KAICIID Dialogue Centre as well as Canada Research Chair on Islam, Pluralism and Globalization at the University of Montreal in Canada. As the conceptualizer of the Peace Mapping Programme, Patrice participates in its leadership team. Patrice is a scholar of Abrahamic religions and trainer in interreligious dialogue for peacebuilding. He received his Ph.D. (Religious Studies) from Harvard University. He has studied at McGill University (BA and MA) as well as at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the University of Jordan in Amman. He was also Rockefeller Fellow for one year at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame University in the USA.

Anja Piskur
Anja Piskur

Anja Piskur completed a BA in Cultural Studies, and a MA in Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Ljubljana. She has studied in Slovenia, Denmark and Germany. She has vast experience conducting research and field work in Montenegro, Uganda and Myanmar. She was trained in Social Innovation Management and took a course of Visual Ethnography. Her first ethnographic movie was presented at the Days of Ethnographic Film Ljubljana, 2015. She is currently a Programme Manager, Peace Mapping Programme and Virtual Platforms, at KAICIID. She coordinates the developments of Dialogue Knowledge Hub.

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Prof. Patrice Brodeur
Anja Piskur
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