• How to Analyse and Monitor Hate Speech
    Hate Speech

    How to Analyse and Monitor Hate Speech

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    KAICIID Fellows Programme Expands to Latin America; Applications Open

  • Covid-19

    Five Things We've Learned After One Year of Pandemic

  • KAICIID Podcast

    On Dialogue: KAICIID Fellow Jenn Lindsay on Her Film, Quarantined Faith

  • Climate Change

    “There’s no issue more important”: Chief Rabbi Rosen on Climate Change and Environmental Justice

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How to Analyse and Monitor Hate Speech

How to Analyse and Monitor Hate Speech


On Dialogue: Jenn Lindsay and Quarantined Faith


Five Things We’ve Learned After a Year of Pandemic

Iraq Diversity Group is one of KAICIID's Dialogue 60 projects being implemented in the Arab region to promote dialogue and coexistence

Countering Hate Speech and Building Bridges through Interreligious Dialogue in Iraq


Rev. Dr. Richard Sudworth Calls on Faith Leaders to “Give the World a Shot” 


Strong Policies can Shape Integration Outcomes and Public Opinion about Migrants

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Do you want to learn how you can promote peace through dialogue? KAICIID is a hub of networks and resources including online courses in interreligious dialogue, a library of promising practices, and a database where you can get to know the major figures in dialogue around the world.


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We promote and employ interreligious dialogue (IRD) to support conflict prevention and resolution, sustainable peace and social cohesion; to promote mutual respect and understanding among different religious and cultural groups; and to counteract the abuse of religion to justify oppression, violence and conflict.

Project Highlights

ToT Game

Incorporating Dialogue into the Scouts Programme

Recognising the important role young people play in contributing to the strengthening of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence within their communities, KAICIID actively promotes interreligious...

Peace and Reconciliation Through Interreligious Dialogue in Nigeria

With over 182 million inhabitants comprising over 500 ethnic groups (according to the 2015 census), Nigeria has an almost even split between Islam...

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Good health. Clean water. Zero hunger. Quality education. Decent work. No poverty. Millions of us take these privileges and rights for granted. For...