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European Union

Using interreligious and intercultural dialogue, KAICIID works with the European Union, its entities and agencies, to promote peace and pluralism, combat hate speech, and ensure the successful integration of refugees in Europe.

In 2017, KAICIID co-hosted a technical meeting with the European Union Representation in Vienna on faith-based support for young people seeking refuge. 

Between 2019-2021, the European External Action Service invited KAICIID to deliver trainings at the field and country levels and engaged the Centre in the Advisory Board of the EU’s first fellowship programme for civil society actors and activists who are working on faith and social inclusion: the Global Exchange on Religion in Society (GERIS).

In 2021, The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) partnered with the Centre on an expert consultation on Countering Hate Speech through Interfaith Cooperation and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships and conducted trainings for KAICIID Fellows on human rights and freedom of religion and belief.

KAICIID also remains actively involved in the FRA bi-annual Fundamental Rights Forum, contributing expertise in interreligious dialogue in an effort to foster peace and coexistence across the continent.  In 2021, KAICIID and the European Council of Religious Leaders (Religions for Peace) co-organized a master class at the Forum on hate speech prevention.

Each year, KAICIID’s annual European Policy Dialogue Forum on Migrants and Refugees also welcomes the support of high-level leaders from across the European Union in an effort to address challenges to effective integration.