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Tushar Kanti Baidya

Country: Bangladesh

Project Director, Inclusive Bangladesh

Tushar is an educator, peacemaker and human rights activist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is currently the project director of Inclusive Bangladesh, a youth-led community organization, and runs two projects on social cohesion – "Faith in the Commonwealth", through which he promotes global citizenship and religious literacy among local youths of diverse religions and "Oikko" through which he is addressing religious nationalism and working towards diminishing the sense through interfaith dialogue. Tushar is equally involved in addressing hate speech and building alternative narratives to counter hate speech which is a part of his work for CVE/PVE. Tushar has been named as one of the Trust Conference Changemakers and received the Faith in the Commonwealth Peace Award in 2019. He aims to engage youths in social work, promoting peace and religious harmony, encouraging them to grow into the responsible generation of the future.