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Stephen David Selim Shashoua

Country: Netherlands

Religious affiliation: Judaism

After leading the London-based Three Faiths Forum (3FF) for more than 10 years, Stephen moved to Amsterdam and founded the consultancy Plan C: Culture and Cohesion, and is working through the lens of identity, faith and culture at the nexus of policy, practice, and academia in order to promote better social relations and inclusion.

Stephen led the development of 3FF to become one of the UK’s largest and most results-oriented interfaith organizations. Stephen and the 3FF team are recognised for being central in developing the landscape of work in the field and have innovated, designed, and delivered a wide portfolio of award-winning social cohesion programs for people of different faiths and non-religious beliefs in the UK and internationally.

Stephen is a Strategic Advisor to the Rising Peace Forum and to New Horizons in British Islam. He is a Yale World Fellow, an Ariane de Rothschild Foundation Fellow, a UNAOC Global Expert, and a member of the ROI Community. 

Born in Canada of Iraqi Jewish descent and with a lifetime of exploring cultures as well as complex identities (his own and others), his motto is about the magic of our connectedness, “Speak not of peoples and laws and kingdoms, for the whole earth is my birthplace and all humans are my brothers.” ― Kahlil Gibran,