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Sara Camps

Country: Spain

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Head of Pastoral, Leisure and Volunteering Department, Escola Pia de Catalunya, Spain

Sara Camps is Head of Pastoral, Leisure and Volunteering Department of Escola Pia de Catalunya (Piarist Fathers), coordinating pastoral activities in twenty different schools in the area of Catalonia, Spain. A postgraduate in International Cooperation, Pastoral in Education and Religions, Immigrations and Identity, she has been working as a volunteer in Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina,  Greece and Guatemala,, always in the field of education and interreligious and intercultural dialogue and trying to build bridges between different communities. Sara is coordinating the Religious Culture lessons offered to all students in Escola Pia de Catalunya; where several traditions and beliefs are presented with the goal of opening students’ minds, and helping them understand, respect and share the values of other faiths. There is a special emphasis on the Golden Rule of Religions: treating the Other as one would wish to be treated. “Peace begins with a smile” is a motto she identifies with; an open smile is the first step to approaching the Other, having the chance to learn, share and work together for peace and understanding.