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Rev. Paul E. Mdumi

Country: Tanzania

Languages: Kiswahili, Arabic, English

Expertise: Communication, Religious Studies

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Executive Director, Zanzibar Interfaith Centre

Rev. Paul Elisha Mdumi is currently the Executiuve Director of the Zanzibar Interfaith Centre. He is dedicated to upholding the hallmark of interfaith. In the last few years, he has systematically engaged in interreligious dialogue as a trainer, organizer, and coordinator. He obtained his bachelor's degree in theology at Tumaini University, Tanzania. He also pursued a postgraduate diploma in mass media at the University of Dar Es Salaam, and is in his final stage of an MA in Islam, Christian-Muslim relations at St.Paul’s University, Kenya. Over the years, he has gained in-depth training through workshops on peace-building, religion and cconflicts, and interreligious dialogue. In turn, he has trained people of diverse faiths on dialogue, interfaith for action, and development. However, he has participated in international conferences on interfaith and peacebuilding.