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Rev. Dennis Cesar Rojas Huerta

Country: Peru

Chaplain, American College of Callao and Professor of Theology, Wesleyan Theological Seminary

Rev. Dennis Cesar Rojas Huerta is an ordained pastor of the Methodist Church of Peru. Having graduated in Theology from the Evangelical Seminary University of Lima, he completed his bachelor's degree at the ISEDET University Institute in Argentina. For 22 years he has been developing a pastoral ministry in different congregations, and is currently chaplain of the Colegio América del Callao and professor of theology at the Wesleyan Theological Seminary.

Among his experiences in interreligious dialogue, he has participated in events such as the meeting of young Judeo-Christians in Uruguay, the IX General Assembly of the WCC (World Council of Churches) Mutirao, Porto Alegre, Brazil, in the Christian student movement of Argentina and in recent years he has been part of the interconfessional committee of Callao in Peru.

Along with his students, he has been carrying out campaigns such as ‘No home without food’ and ‘Shelter your brother’ where he works with poor families, orphanages and nursing homes. He believes that different religions must put aside their differences and focus on what is really important, allowing interreligious dialogue to enable us to join forces and leave a message to the world that together they can overcome all obstacles and generate bridges of hope for a common good.