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Rabbi Rachel Zoe Rosenbluth

Country: Canada

Creative and Spiritual Director, School of Living Jewishly

Rabbi Rachel 'Bluth' Rosenbluth is the Creative and Spiritual Director of the School of Living Jewishly, a virtual platform for reimagining Jewish learning and community. Bluth was ordained in Jerusalem through the first orthodox programme in the Holy Land to ordain women. While there, she founded Achvat Amim Ruchani, a programme for Israeli-Palestinian peace and justice work. ran TLV Seaside Shabbes prayer group and did the IPCRI fellowship (Israeli and Palestinian women in dialogue, peacebuilding and entrepreneurship). Bluth graduated from McGill University in Buddhism and International Development. She has worked on permaculture farms in Kenya and Israel, and studied at leading Jewish educational institutions including Pardes, Matan and Hadar. She loves to travel and has spent much of her time connecting to global inter-devotional communities. After ordination, she participated in the Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly and standing commission. Bluth runs meditation retreats, the Sacred Time podcast and produced the Soul Brew morning show. She hopes to further her capacity for interfaith dialogue, to draw from shared spiritual inspiration and ancient ritual as grounding and motivation for collective social change work.