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Pastor José Piñero

Country: Venezuela

Director, Latin Evangelical Alliance

Pastor José Piñero is a Christian leader with a committed national and international ministerial trajectory. He has participated in forums, meetings, assemblies and trainings, taking a message of hope to more than 50 nations, and mobilising communities of faith in the fulfilment of their vocation in favour of the most vulnerable. He is a theologian, educator, philosopher, and accompanies various initiatives in Venezuela and Latin America.

Among other responsibilities, José G. Piñero is General Coordinator of the Red Esperanza sin Fronteras (Hope without Borders Network), President of World Vision in Venezuela, the Christian Reformed Church of Venezuela, 1st Vice-President of the Evangelical Council of Venezuela, the Evangelical Seminary of Caracas, Director of the Latin Evangelical Alliance, and of the Interreligious Council of Latin American Leaders of Religions for Peace, the Social Interreligious Forum of Venezuela.

He currently lives in Venezuela and his message emphasises God's grace and the sharing of hope, especially with those who suffer most, so that the dignity of all people without distinction may be restored.