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Eng. Justine Immaculate Auma

Country: Uganda

Programme Officer, INTERFAITH

Eng. Justine Immaculate Auma is a trained biomedical engineer from Makerere University in Uganda. She has a clinical background and is currently working with the city of Mbale as a senior Clinical Officer while practicing engineering privately.

She is an Interfaith expert who teaches interreligious studies in a number of institutions.

Currently Justine is based in St. Austin Parish in Mbale City which is under the Arch Diocese of Tororo. She participates in various activities including interfaith matters and is a strong advocate for interreligious and intercultural cohesion in the communities where she preaches the gospel of peace and tolerance, mainly to the youth and children through drama and music.

Previously Justine participated in intercultural campaigns under the Uganda Red Cross society such as the ‘promoting tolerance campaign’ in partnership with the Danish Red cross society that aimed to help the children and youth in Denmark to appreciate the plight of the immigrants in order to accommodate them in their society. This campaign also involved creating awareness on peace and conflict management among the refugees in Ugandan refugee camps.

Justine believes in social cohesion and that peace can be achieved at grassroots. Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, "It is not enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it and it's not enough to believe in it, one must work on it.”