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Arisbé Abelina Gómez

Country: El Salvador

Languages: English, Spanish, French

Expertise: Architecture, Theology, Lutheran Doctrine

Religious affiliation: Christianity

Pastor, Reverend, El Salvador Lutheran Synod

Arisbé Abelina Gómez became a Lutheran pastor in El Salvador in August 2019 after extensive experience as a leader of young people in the church. She also has expertise with children’s biblical education. From 2004 until 2009, she was director of the Foundation for Life and Peace Medardo Gómez (FUNVIPAZ) founded by the Nobel peace prize nominee, the Lutheran Bishop Medardo Gomez, in 1992. In 2008 she created the Center of Reflection and Dialogue with participation of different NGOs, churches and governmental institutions. Today she participates in the new Initiative for National Dialogue (IPAZ) with the different Christian churches and sectors of civil society to promote the peaceful coexistence in the absence of violence. She participated at the summer school 2019 with Mission Eine Welt in Germany with the subject: “Building peace in a multireligious world”.

She has a diploma in architecture. Like an architect she tries to understand the faith of people in buildings, designs and cultures. “The different ways of meeting the architect of the universe, doesn’t make us different but equal, because we all want the same, to meet him”, she says.