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Peace Journalist Network to combat hate speech and reduce conflict in CAR (Reseau des Journalists Sensible aux conflicts)

Established in 2018, the KAICIID-supported Peace Journalist Network (Le Reseau de Journalists de Sensibilisation Conflit) seeks to report on peace and security with ethical integrity and factual rigor, as well as counter divisive rhetoric and incitement to violence with messages of reconciliation, unity and constructive dialogue. The Network’s core aim is to strengthen the capacity, skillset and conflict-prevention literacy of its journalists as they report on the impact of hostilities and trauma. Today, the network has some 400 members — Central African journalists working in radio, television and print media in the capital, Bangui, and a dozen other towns nationwide.

The Network also organizes media ethics workshops and has developed a code of conduct and ethics for reporting. Furthermore, it has trained journalists in covering conflict-related trauma— the psychological damage resulting from deeply distressing experiences or violent acts