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Network of Policy Makers to support Reconciliation, Peace and Security in Nigeria


The Network of Policymakers and Religious Leaders in Nigeria convenes high level government representatives and senior religious leaders from across the country to address ethno-religious conflict and build peaceful coexistence between adherents of Nigeria’s two main faiths, Islam and Christianity.

Participants of the Network recognize that policymaking and implementation need religious voices in order to deescalate the interreligious and intercultural conflicts which threaten the country’s stability. The Network intends to foster better informed and more inclusive policies which take into account the sensitivities and needs of Nigeria’s diverse community groups.

Rather than engaging in conflict resolution and post-conflict processes, the Network will work to formulate preventive measures that address tensions before they erupt into violent confrontation.

KAICIID and the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) support the Network in carrying out their policy review by facilitating regular meetings and ensuring that religious actors provide inputs to the policy briefs.