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KAICIID Fellow Alumni Awarded Prize on Women's Contribution to Development

06 April 2018

KAICIID Fellow Alumni awarded Prize on Women’s Contribution to Development

The KAICIID Fellows are a global community of diverse religious leaders, educators and interreligious dialogue practitioners trained in interreligious dialogue and conflict transformation. They are advocates for peace, and leaders in their communities. With the support of KAICIID, they remain active in their communities long after they have completed the yearlong KAICIID Fellows Programme.

Just this week, KAICIID Fellow Alumni Rehmah Kasule was recognized for her work as a peacebuilder in her home country, Uganda.

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) announced Rehmah as one of the winners of the 13th edition of the IsDB Prize on Women’s Contribution to Development, for the individual category. The award was based on two of her projects:

  • The Rising Stars Mentoring Programme, which she has been running in post-conflict areas of Northern and Western Uganda. She launched initiatives for peace education, and established peace clubs.
  • Her KAICIID initiative Youth4Peace, through which she amplified voices and increased the participation of youth in peacebuilding initiatives with a main focus on introducing interreligious dialogue into schools, and teaching dialogue through the use of “edutainment”. Edutainment is what she calls education through entertainment, such as the use of poetry, art, music, and storytelling.

Speaking about the Award, Rehmah stated: “This award is a symbol of the blessings that I receive for the sacrifices to make the world a better place. This award is not for me, it is for the dedicated youth ambassadors and mentors, and the young women in post-conflict communities that keep dreaming despite the challenges that surround them.”

Rehmah is committed to take up bold and innovative steps to strengthen interreligious dialogue in schools and to promote peace education for youth.

We congratulate Rehmah on her achievements, and are proud to have her as a valuable member of the KAICIID Fellows Network. She continues to inspire collaborations for peace through the passion she puts into her work.

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