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In 2015, KAICIID launched the International Fellows Programme to bring together religious and community leaders from different religions and cultures from around the world. 

The Programme brings together leaders and educators from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and other religious backgrounds from around the world for training in dialogue facilitation, intercultural communication and promoting social cohesion by KAICIID experts. It equips Fellows with the skills to educate their students and communities about interreligious dialogue so they can become facilitators and leaders in the dialogue and active peace advocates in their communities.

The Fellows Programme is intended to make an impact in four areas: First by mainstreaming IRD in Fellows’ affiliated religious and educational institutions and communities. Second by helping to better equip educators at institutions with the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching IRD. Third, by building up more educators who will advocate for dialogue, are committed to the Centre’s mission, and will act as Ambassadors for Dialogue, especially in the conflict zones with KAICIID focus. Finally by regularly connecting Fellows through a Network with each other and with KAICIID.