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Dr. Asma` Khalifa Hamed Al shboul

Land: Jordanien

Jahr: 2018

Religionszugehörigkeit: Islam

Dr. Asma` Khalifa Hamed Al Shboul was born and raised in Jordan. She is currently a faculty member at Yarmouk University in the Sharia` Faculty of the Islamic Studies division. She holds a PhD in philosophy of curricula and teaching, a master’s degree in Islamic education and a bachelor’s degree in the fundamentals of religion from the Sharia` Faculty at the Yarmouk University.

Dr. Al Shboul is actively involved in IRD-related activities and participated ininternational conferences, such as the “Globalization and the Identity of the Muslim Child: Risks and Strategies”. She strongly believes in peaceful coexistence, accepting the Other, and reciprocal respect between individuals.