Youth Capacity Building in Reducing Inequalities


This webinar will investigate how the efforts of youth in interfaith capacity building have contributed to the reduction of inequalities in relation to education. The discussion will also canvass these efforts from the perspective of KAICIID, local capacity-building organizations, and the youth themselves. The panel of young speakers from international organizations, and as individuals, will discuss issues of unequal access to education due to the COVID-19 pandemic, education as a tool for dialogue and peace, gender inequality in education, and post-capacity building achievements.


As a roundtable discussion with attendee participation through polls and surveys, the webinar thematically combines and celebrates the 2022 international days on youth and education (Sustainable Development Goal 4):

  • World Youth Skills Day (15 July 2022);
  • International Youth Day (12 August 2022);
  • International Literacy Day (8 September 2022); and
  • International Day to Protect Education from Attack (9 September 2022)