Women’s Voices as a Key to Peace


Violent conflict disproportionately affects women and girls and intensifies pre-existing gender inequalities and discrimination. Women are active agents of peace in armed conflict. Research has shown that women’s presence in peace agreements has a positive effect on lasting peace. Yet their role as key players and change agents of peace has been largely unrecognized. In 2019, UK Ambassador for Human Rights, Rita French, stated that “when women do meaningfully participate in a peace process the impact is profound, with the resulting agreement 64% less likely to fail and 35% more likely to last at least fifteen years.”

Co-hosted with Tanenbaum, this webinar aims to highlight interfaith efforts in advancing women’s presence in peacebuilding and promoting lasting peace, while drawing particular attention to the progress that women from faith organizations and communities are making. The all-female panel of speakers will demonstrate the strengths of women as peacebuilders from an interfaith perspective, and put a spotlight on women who advocate and work for peace through their religious organizations and communities. They will discuss the active role they and other women are taking in peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and advancing stability.