Women's Voices: Preserving the Past to Empower Tomorrow


Ahead of the International Day of Living Together in Peace, and in continuation of last year’s webinar commemorating the same day, DKH will host a webinar Women's Voices: Preserving the Past to Empower Tomorrow on April 26th at 3:00 to commemorate efforts around the world in strengthening women’s empowerment through the preservation of sacred sites, cultural heritage, and intangible heritage. As last year’s webinar highlighted, women are found to be the great resource mobilizers, intergenerational connectors, and great analysts in situations of conflict. The inclusion of women and youth in heritage preservation has been found to have more lasting effects. This year, the webinar is an opportunity to bring in community leaders, KAICIID Fellows, and academics who are active in the field of cultural and religious heritage to discuss how cultural and religious sites can serve as monuments for women’s empowerment and greater leadership. This is aligned with one of UNESCO’s recommendations from its report on Gender Equality and Culture ‘Encourage and involve all members of society in strategies promoting gender equality in culture. This includes working in partnership with all groups and communities concerned to promote sustainable solutions for gender-equal access, participation in and contribution to culture[1]According to the Gender in Geopolitics Institute, although women have an important role to play in the transmission of intangible cultural heritage, this does not translate into privileged access to high positions in the field of culture. Indeed, the latest figures indicate an under-representation of women in that sector.[2]  This 90 minute webinar will discuss these issues, and share learnings from the experiences of the speakers on empowering women through looking back at cultural heritage.